How Sweet It Is

By: Kylie Pierce, Troop Leader in Rome

Sized_Cookies_ThinmintsMy co-leader and I have had a lot of fun helping our Daisies with their first Cookie Program, but even we had a little trepidation about our first cookie booth. Our girls have come out of their individual shells with us for the most part, but around strangers they are still a little shy (which isn’t necessarily a bad trait when it comes to strangers!). At our previous meeting we role-played what cookie transactions would look like, and the sorts of responses that they could give to various questions. They seemed to have a lot of fun acting out sales with their peers.

When we announced our first cookie booth slot and location, we expected that we would have some girls attend, but the troop turned out nearly in full force to support their girl-led goal of going to the zoo. They decorated their table with coloring sheets of zoo animals, and each Girl Scout wanted to be the first to sell a box. Our setup brought herding cats to mind – every girl was excited and anxious about the sale’s success.

After a little further organizing of ourselves and the group, the girls picked a buddy and, as we had done in meetings, each set of buddies had rotating jobs. Some girls would attract customers with boxes of various cookies as they came through the door, some girls would help restock the table, and two girls at a time would sell to customers. Each girl, when it was time to sell, signed a “Thank You for Supporting Our Troop” note, one of which went with every order.

I was a bit nervous that we would be overwhelming with customers – while we were unloading a previous cookie delivery, no fewer than three cars stopped on the street to inquire if we had any extras because they hadn’t placed an order yet! That said, my worries were groundless, and the cookie customers were our best allies. They knew that the girls were learning how to be Girl Scouting’s youngest entrepreneurs, and they played their parts particularly well. Customers asked the girls how much each box cost, let the girls tally the final bill, and even asked them to make suggestions on their favorite cookie, all with the patience of saints. They seemed genuinely happy to be receiving their perennial favorite cookies, and knowing that some of the proceeds were helping the girls go to the zoo made the deal even sweeter.

By the end of the evening, the girls were completing all their transactional steps without any assistance, and were so excited to learn that the nine of them sold an average of just over ten boxes each! They were able to feel the excitement of making and reaching a goal – many wanted to close our table and go directly to the zoo with their earnings. The five skills of the Cookie Program were executed beautifully by our budding businesswomen. In my mind, that is the sweetest transaction of all.

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