What work could be more fun?

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

camp ceoDo you have fond memories of your Girl Scout camp experiences as a child? Do you love the outdoors? Do you love helping girls grow and build courage, confidence, and character? The we’ve got just the job for you this summer! Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways has summer employment opportunities available at our summer camps!

Camp Team Members will form one full-time staff group and will train and work together as follows:*

  • Ropes Course Certification Training at Camp Trefoil (Harrisville, NY): June 2–June 5.
  • Mom & Me Program at Camp Trefoil (Harrisville, NY): June 6–June 8 Limited staff = Associate Director, Health Supervisor, Waterfront Staff, 4 Counselors
  • Pre-Season Advanced Safety Training (Location: Newport, NY): June 16–June 19 For select staff in need of lifeguarding, WSI, boating/sailing (re)certification and/or advanced CPR and Wilderness First Aid (re)certification prior to residential camp season.
  • Residential Camp Staff Training at Camp Trefoil: June 23–June 26 All staff
  • Mom & Me Program at Comstock Program Center (Ithaca, NY): June 27–June 29 All staff
  • Residential Camp Staff Training continues at Comstock Program Center: June 30–July 3 All staff
  • Residential Camp at Comstock Program Center: July 6 – July 11, July 13–July 18, July 20–July 25
  • Residential Camp at Camp Trefoil: July 27–August 1, August 3–August 8, August 10–August 16 (includes season-end camp close-up day)
  • Grandparents Overnight Program at Camp Hoover (Tully, NY): August 18–August 20 Limited staff
  • Camp CEO Program at Comstock Program Center: August 22–August 24 Limited staff

* Dates and locations are subject to change depending on enrollment.

There are a variety of positions available ranging from counselors, to food service manager, to waterfront director. We provide training too!

For information on the different positions available, detailed job descriptions, and the application process, visit the council website at http://www.gsnypenn.org

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