Fantastic Opportunities Through Girl Scouts!

By: Emily Bush, Girl Scout Ambassador and Girl Media Team Member in Ogdensburg, NY

Emily Bush
Hello Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways! I am Emily Bush, a senior at Hammond Central School and Ambassador in Troop 51402. I have been in Girl Scouts since the second grade (2003). Besides Girl Scouts, I participate in soccer, basketball, and softball. I also take part in National Honor Society, HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership), Science Club, Spanish Club, Yearbook, A.V. Club, and Mock Trial. There is always something going on in my life, but I love being involved in all sorts of activities; it makes me a more well rounded person. I cannot talk about my extra-curricular activities without mentioning my passion for music. In the fourth grade I started playing the alto saxophone and picked up the tenor saxophone once I entered seventh grade. I am currently a member of the Senior Band and Stage Band. In addition I have been fortunate enough throughout my high school career to participate in All-County Senior Band, All-County Jazz Band, and Area-All State.

Girl Scouts has helped me prosper in a variety of ways throughout my lifetime. One of the biggest contributions was the chance to meet so many different girls and be able to improve upon my communication and people skills. I thoroughly enjoy speaking, especially public speaking, and this knack has roots in all the meetings and events I have taken part in throughout my lengthy career in Girl Scouts. Almost all the extra-curricular activities I participate in require some form of communication with Mock Trial, National Honor Society, and HOBY demanding it at the highest level. As you probably can tell I am very outgoing and extroverted. Girl Scouts unique set-up has provided the perfect atmosphere for me to build upon my self-confidence and personality because no one is seen as inferior; we are all on the same playing level.

Girl Scout camp was a fantastic opportunity to not only have fun between school years, but to learn how to survive in the wilderness with girls I had never met before. I spent eight consecutive summers at Camp Trefoil in Harrisville, NY and my annual stay was always the highlight of my vacation. I learned how to cook on a campfire, sing neat songs, and take part in outdoor activities I never had the chance to before outside of camp. I can attribute my canoeing abilities to multiple trips out on the lake at Camp Trefoil. Teambuilding was another key element to Girl Scout camp because when we all help each other the potential for success is limitless. Even though I haven’t been in touch with many of my fellow campers, I still talk frequently to a few counselors. The bonds we have build throughout the years are priceless and extraordinary! Lastly, staying way at Camp Trefoil has given me experiences of surviving on my own that will translate to my future years at college. Thank you Girl Scouts for preparing me for the road ahead!

Since my high school career will be completed in the next few months, I think it’s important to share my future plans with all you amazing Girl Scouts! In the fall of 2014 I will be attending Elmira College to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Pre-Medicine Concentration. I hope to become a physician one day. Always remember to keep working hard and believing in your potential because YOU can become anything or anyone you wish. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” so go on and do great things because your Girl Scout family will always be there cheering you on!

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