Summer and series

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

camp ceoSummer is on its way. You can almost smell it! School will be out, summer camp will be in full swing, and lots of kids may be looking for fun things to fill their days. Maybe a girl you know isn’t a camper. Maybe there are girls in your community who are too young for summer camp. There us another way girls can be involved in Girl Scouts through the summer – by participating in a series program.

Series are another pathway for girls to join Girl Scouting. Series programs let girls explore their interests in a way that fits their schedule and often fit perfectly into the shortened summer season. They are usually related to a theme or topic and offer girls 4-6 sessions to get together to discover, connect, and take action on the topic of interest.

Summer offers the opportunity to find volunteers who might otherwise not be available during the school year to work with a group of girls. College students home on break, school personnel who have the summer off, business professionals who are interested in short-term volunteer roles.

One other great thing about series programs is that they can be designed around any topic girls may be interested in! And Girl Scout staff is ready to help volunteers in service unit to plan series programs!

So if you’re interested in finding a series program being offered near you, or would like to plan one in your service unit,  check the council website list fo program events at or contact your Community Development Manager at the service center nearest you.




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