What Was Your Favorite Part of Girl Scouts?

alumnaeAs part of our Alumnae Search we have received several e-mails from Girl Scout alumnae about their favorite part of Girl Scouts.

“My favorite Girl Scout memory is of Camp Comstock! Spending the week trying to whittle a stick into a flute (I got it smooth, but never figured out how to get holes in it!) That same summer we used a bridge at Comstock for the bridging ceremony. I would walk by it every day and could not wait to do the ceremony over that bridge! For memories about our meetings, I still remember standing around a car engine, pretending to be fascinated by what was in there. We had a photographer there taking photos, in hopes to get on a cookie box. We never did, but it is always good to dream!” ~ Vicki Davis

“I started out as a Junior and I remember our troop meetings being a fun time to spend with my friends. As an adult, I can see my daughters feel the same way. And, little do they realize what wonderful skills and lessons they are learning that will serve them all of their lives. They will find out when they become the Mom.” ~ Jackie Wright

“I was a Girl Scout in 1974. When I went to Girl Scout camp we had some excitement one night. In the middle of the night four little girls (me being one of them) ran screaming from our tent because a skunk had found it’s way in. We wouldn’t go back in until our tent mother made sure it was gone. Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep that night. Other then that, I loved camp!” ~ Rhonda Hawley

“Some of my favorite memories of Girl Scouts are based around friendship and routine. I always looked forward to seeing my friends. We took the Girl Scouts to a new level with our weekly themes. The songs gave me the same comfort as Christmas music. I also looked forward to seeing our leaders. They were a positive adult with a positive message. I felt safe and never afraid when we would go on overnight trips.” ~ Karisha Solomon

What would you say is your favorite Girl Scout memory? Let us know!

One thought on “What Was Your Favorite Part of Girl Scouts?

  1. When our Seven Lakes Council president pinned on my 40-year pin six years ago, she jokingly said that if I got pricked, my blood would probably come out Girl Scout green. I became a Brownie Girl Scout during my first grade year, 1957-1958. Two of the projects that I made that year have made a long lasting impression on me: a pomander made using an apple, red ribbon, and whole cloves and a yarn holder made from a Quaker oats carton and samples of wallpaper. Both became gifts to my mom. When she died in 2000, I went back home to help my dad and found mom’s yarn and knitting needles still in that Brownie project gift and the pomander was still sweetening the coat closet in the hall. Mom was so proud of my achievements as I went all through school as a Girl Scout, going on with decades of volunteer work as an adult Girl Scout, but those cherished memories from my Brownie days still touch my heart.

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