Three things for Thursday

friendsRecently volunteers in Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways who work with troops received an end of year checklist from the council staff, to help them as they wrap up their Girl Scout year and begin planning for next year. Here are three things that troop leaders should remember if they are planning on taking a break from troop activities this summer.

Financial reports – Troop leaders need to completed an annual troop financial report and submit it to their community development manager, along with copies of the troop bank statements for the past year. This should be done prior to the June 30th deadline.

Early bird registration – Troop leaders can register the girls in their troops through the early bird registration on eBiz. The deadline for girls to receive the early bird patch is August 15th. Also, service units receive a financial incentive for each girl who is registered by the early bird deadline.

Adult paperwork – Troop leaders should determine what adults may be helping with the troop for the next year. All adults that are assisting with the troop in any way need to complete a volunteer application, a background check, and an adult registration form.

For more information on these steps, and the others that are required for the completion of the end of year checklist, contact your region’s volunteer services manager at your local service center. You can also find information on the council’s website,



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