Paula Bunyan Days

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

20140517_142627One exciting opportunity for girls in Girl Scouts is to participate in a Paula Bunyan Days program event. Recently, Newark service unit offered this chance to girls. Nearly half of the registered girls in the service unit came out to brave the elements that day even though it had been raining and the river next to the park was flooded! Girls learned a variety of outdoor skills through activities at a first aid station, fire safety station, and jackknife safety station, and played games, and made sit-upons & hand washing stations out of gallon jugs.

Now another service unit is planning a Paula Bunyan Days event and it is open to girl in the Geneva/Canandaigua area. We’re looking for girls in the area to join in this spectacular day filled with outdoor activities, learning new games, songs and outdoor camping skills! Bring a friend that registers for Girl Scouts and receive an ultra cool goodie bag and Bring a Friend Patch! The day will consist of learning great outdoor skills like knot tying, making sit-upons, fire building, first aid, relay races and wrap it all up with SWAPS and closing flag ceremony.

Participating in this event helps girls working toward the Brownie Quest Journey, Junior Get Moving Journey, and the Cadette aMaze Journey. For information on this program, and many others being planned, visit the council website at

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