A Future of Girl Scouting

By: Kylie Pierce, Troop Leader in Rome

girl scoutsAs a Daisy leader, I work with the youngest of Girl Scouts, starting in Kindergarten and bridging to Brownies by the time they enter the second grade. Many of these girls have younger friends, whether they be family, neighbors or playmates, who aren’t quite old enough for Scouting.

Lately I’ve noticed a phenomena that I’d call “Daisy Leader Future-Vision!” (mandatory exclamation mark; it sounds more impressive!). It seems that whenever I go out in public, or to a family gathering, I see potential Girl Scouts. At the store, on the playground, out with their parents, anywhere really! I look at these girls and think about how much fun they could have with Girl Scouts once they get to Kindergarten. I think about all of the things that they will learn when they are there, and the lifelong friends that they will make as they go on their Girl Scout Journey.

I’ve been reading a lot about women throughout history, and I often wonder if they had an experience like Girl Scouts in their background. (Let’s call that one “Daisy Leader History-Vision!” since we’re already in the super power vein.) The potential to be strong, talented, influential women exists in every girl. Though there always seems to be some adversity to overcome, there seems to be on constant: a supportive person in their lives, or group of people, who is cheering them on while they achieve great things. With the most singular women, that person may be inside themselves, because they are trying something completely without precedent. But often, strong women have mentors and support systems that help them get to where they are. For many girls throughout history, Girl Scouting has been that support system: a safe, girl-led environment where anything is possible with a dream and some elbow grease.

I know that not all of the youngest girls that I meet will become Girl Scouts,  but one of the pleasures of Daisy Leader Future-Vision! is that I can imagine a future for them that will put them on the right track for being great citizens and leaders. There is so much that can be done – in Daisy Girl Scouting and beyond – that it seems to be the best future a young girl can have. This year I have watched our girls grow and change in so many positive ways, and have seen a group of girls who were strangers become friends, looking forward to being together again next year for even more wonderful adventures. I hope that they can see even more Girl Scouting in their own futures.

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