Making A Difference In The Life Of A Girl!

By: Sandy Munyan, Web Specialist

fire towerI went out to Amahami last week to photograph our campers when I met Amelia. This was her first visit to the fire tower. She was quite taken with the idea that someone once lived here and she was eager to climb the tower herself.

The group began climbing, counting the number of steps as they went. One girl counted 113, another 114. About three quarters of the way up, Amelia got spooked. I was bringing up the rear and stopped on a landing below her. Facing her, I grasped a railing in each of my hands so she had the sensation of being protected as she approached me.

One of her sneakers was untied. I told her to sit down and tie her show. She did. Then I told her to fix her other sneaker as it was coming untied also. She did that, too. As she sat on the stair I asked her if she would like to go back up. No. I could see she was rattled.

I said to her, “As long as you’re already up here, let’s take a look at the view.” We were higher than the roof and chimney of the ranger’s cabin and she could look directly into the treetops. I gestured at the expanse stretching away from us, pointed out that we could not only hear the wind but see it passing through the threes. I pointed to a group of evergreen trees interspersed with leafy trees, showed her that while the pine trees stayed steady, she could see the leaves dancing as the breeze blew through them.

I turned my attention to the stairs below us, trying to decide which would make her feel better, me walking forward down the stairs like a normal person or should I back down them facing her. I turned my head back to her and before I could say anything about continuing down, Amelia said “I want to go up again.”

Perhaps climbing to terrifying heights was preferable to listening to me talk any more, but go back up she did – all the way to the top!

I was very proud of this girl!

You, as adults, can make a difference in a girls life in the simplest way! Share your stories with us by e-mailing

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