Enjoy Outdoor Activities This Summer

By: Carleen Lattin, Troop Leader in Elmira

leave no trace“Look at all those salamanders!” a Cadette Girl Scout exclaimed, while looking into the pond at the Misty Hollow Program Center in Corning.

Spring and summer means the weather starts getting nicer and Girl Scout activities take place outdoors.

My troop went camping in June at Misty Hollow Program Center, where the simplest things about camping brought the girls enthusiasm out. Going to the pond to explore water life, making s’mores, singing campfire songs and giggling in the hideaways turned Cadettes into excited girls. I highly recommend this camp when deciding where to go camping.

Even in summer time, Girl Scout activities don’t have to stop when school is out. Whether it is camping at one of the Girl Scout camps, individually or at troop camp, or on a trip to a park, etc. many girls will take this opportunity. Nature and outdoor activities is a strong foundation that Girl Scouts was based on and is universal. No matter what the region or climate, girls always participate in some kind of outdoor activity or in nature in Girl Scouts.

It is also very critical that while they are in the outdoors, that they are aware of Leave No Trace Behind. This is a program which teaches girls to leave nature intact and not ruin/damage/disturb the natural environment and to appreciate nature without damaging/disturbing or removing parts of it. Make sure that your family gets out and enjoys the beautiful weather before winter comes again in a few months!

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