Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

i cant waitThe fall regional meetings are coming up over the next few weeks all around the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways jurisdiction. Here are three benefits you’ll get when you attend one of the meetings:

Adult learning and girl program event opportunities – You’ll have a chance to hear all about adult learning opportunities at Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways. From short and snappy trainings which can be done at a service unit meeting and are a great way to refresh our knowledge on a subject, to hearing about new leader nights being planning, to learning about outdoor training, it is guaranteed you’ll leave after the meeting with lots of information about how training can help in your volunteer role. Also, find out about girl program resources such as program events with community partners and program kits available for troops.

Recruitment Readiness – After the regional meetings you’ll be ready to go out and recruit girls and adults to join Girl Scouting! You’ll be armed with awesome new recruitment materials that will make your recruitment table sparkle and shine! You’ll learn how to explain the different pathway options to girl and adults so they know which method of joining is best for them.

Sharing – of course you’ll have a chance to share with volunteers from all around your region on what is working in their service units and troops, what challenges people face when recruiting, leading troops, and going on trips, and how volunteers from neighboring service units can work together to support each other and girls!

So, what are you waiting for? Register for a regional meeting today! You can register online at


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