Get Up. Get Active. Play GirlSports. Win Big!

girlsportsHey, you! How do you get in the game? Are you a rock star goalie who guarantees nothing hits your team’s net, or a track champ who helped your relay team get the gold? Girls across America are getting out and getting active, lacing up those sneakers and playing some of their favorite sports. Are you one of them? Show off your skills in our new challenge!

Through GirlSports, a partnership between Girl Scouts and Nestle, we’re dedicated to showcasing girls like you – girls who know the importance of staying healthy through physical activity. After all, the benefits of exercising and playing sports are endless. Not only will you maintain a healthy heart and stay fit,  but through our GirlSports challenge, you can win BIG!

Here’s how to participate:

  • Upload a creative photo to the GSUSA Facebook page of you staying active through sports.
  • Rally your friends and family to vote on your photo.

Pretty easy, right?

Keeping in line with the sports theme, we’ll be picking three winners of the GirlSports challenge – third, second, and first place, or bronze, silver, and gold, if you will. These champs will win:

  • First place: $300 gift card plus GirlSports merchandise bundle
  • Second place: $150 gift card plus GirlSports merchandise bundle
  • Third place: GirlSports merchandise bundle

So what are you waiting for? Get up. Get active. Play GirlSports. Win big!

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