It’s That Time of Year – Join Girl Scouts!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

icantwaitWhy should you join Girl Scouts?

“Through Girl Scouts I have learned to help others and not focus on myself all of the time,” said Lauren, a Girl Scout from Vestal.

“Girl Scouts gives you opportunities that you may not be able to have anywhere else,” said Hannah, a Girl Scout from Mansfield, PA.

“I like Girl Scouts because you get to hang out with your friends while you make a difference in the world,” said Rachel, a Girl Scout from Baldwinsville.

“I love to travel! By being a part of Girl Scouts I have that opportunity,” said Rachel, a Girl Scout from Clifton Springs.

“Girls should be Girl Scouts because you learn skills and how to be a better person,” said Sadie, a Girl Scout from East Syracuse.

“Wherever I go if I say I am a Girl Scout, people recognize me as someone who can get things done. I am proud of that,” said Anica, a Girl Scout from Clinton.

“There are a lot of opportunities to try new things with Girl Scouts,” said McGinnis, a Girl Scout from Endwell. “I was recently working on a First Aid badge and the EMTs I was interviewing asked me to come on three shifts of ambulance rides. This summer, I worked on an Aviation badge and the pilot I was working with at the airport offered to take me flying in his plane! It’s like that every time I try something. People are so willing to help.”

Girl Scouts is all about providing girls with opportunities that they may not have anywhere else. Girls can climb mountains, show off their dancing skills, build a robot, volunteer at a food pantry, or even travel around the world. There are no limitations as to what a Girl Scout can do.

There are many ways you can be part of Girl Scouts. You can go to camp, be part of a troop, attend programs or events, and much more. Simply decide to be a Girl Scout and the rest is up to you!

Girls in kindergarten through 12th grade can join Girl Scouts. The yearly membership fee is $15 and financial assistance is available. For a list of upcoming registration dates in your area, click here.

What can’t you wait to do? Discover endless possibilities and have your I Can’t Wait To moment with Girl Scouts!

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