Growing Daisies

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

blog 2Of course you know the title of the post is not referring to the flowers, but the newest Girl Scouts. School started just recently, and parents everywhere are still in the process of becoming acclimated to the new school year. At least I know I am. Everything can be new and scary. The new teachers, new homework schedules, fall after-school activities, and getting back into the school year routine. But after a few weeks things begin to calm down and children, and parents, begin to gain more confidence.

Being thrown into a new situation without tools to know what to do or how to handle it can be scary!

Kind of like being a new Girl Scout leader with group of those Kindergarten and first grade girls. Imagine, there you are sitting at a meeting with 12-15 Kindergarten girls staring at you. What are you going to teach them in Girl Scouting? What activities will fill your time? What things do the girls enjoy doing? So many questions!! I know from talking to many leaders through the years that, just like getting through those first few days of school, once you are through the first few meetings and begin to form friendships within the troop, things seem less chaotic.

So, here are some ideas for activities to get you started.

* Have the girls look through the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and suggest activities they would like to do throughout the year

* Choose a few activities from the Daisy Flower Garden Journey book

* Play some get to know you games

* Begin learning about the Girl Scout Promise

* Learn about Juliette Gordon Low

* Make a troop kaper chart

* Plan an Investiture ceremony

If you want to learn about managing your new troop attend a troop management class being offered at various locations throughout the council. Meet other leaders, share ideas, learn about managing your troop, forming parent committees, and more!

For more information check out the council website at


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