A birthday celebration

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

Auburn-troop-40938This month, on October 31st, we celebrate Halloween. But Girl Scouts celebrate something else on that day as well. Girl Scouts celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday too. There are many ways that troops can recognize and celebrate the founder of Girl Scouting on her birthday.

Juliette Gordon Low was nicknamed “Daisy”. Try decorating for your troop meeting or activity with some daisies around the room. Add different color tablecloths representing each of the grade levels of Girl Scouting and rainbows which represent girls crossing over to another level in scouting.

Organize a service project to honor Juliette on her birthday. Low died of breast cancer. Since both her birthday and breast cancer awareness month are in October one idea is that troops can use the occasion to organize a project around cancer research or awareness.

Girls can also honor Low by playing games that were popular for girls when she was alive. Some of these are hoop roll and Kim’s game. The hoop roll is a relay race where each team has a hula hoop and must roll it from one end of a play area to another and Kim’s game is a scavenger hunt for items the leader hides in the room.

Other ideas include creating a Girl Scout scrapbook of memories for the girls in the troop or picking one of the historical activities in the Girl’s Guides to Girl Scouting.

Let us know what ways your troop decides to celebrate!

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