Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

flagsCeremonies. They have long been a tradition in Girl Scouting. A Ceremony is an event of ritual significance performed on a special occasion. There are many different types of ceremonies in Girl Scouting and many different ways to hold them. Here are three for today.

An Investiture ceremony is a ceremony where we welcome someone in Girl Scouting for the first time. It is often held in troops or service units to welcome new members to scouting. Often times the new members are presented with their membership pins and they recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

A Scout’s Own ceremony is a ceremony where Girl Scouts can get together to celebrate a theme, such as friendship, community service, or respect for the environment. A Scout’s Own might take place indoors or outdoors, and anywhere a group of Girl Scouts gather. It is called a Scout’s Own because girls make it all their own – by choosing the theme and deciding how to share it with one another.

A Flag ceremony could be used to open or close meetings or special events. It might take place in a troop meeting room, in an outdoor setting, and even on stage. No matter where a flag ceremony takes place they all have one thing in common and that is a respect for the flag of our country.

What ceremonies has your troop participated in?


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