Fall Fun

By: Kylie Pierce, Troop Leader in Rome

fallFall is in full swing here in Rome, NY, and we’ll be having our first first troop meeting this week! We’re so looking forward to seeing our girls again and welcoming some new girls as well!

Fall is a great time to get out into the world and do a good turn. There are plenty of fun and worthwhile things to do this time of year. Here’s a (by no means complete) list:

  1. Apple picking. It’s apple season throughout our region. Go picking as a troop, and turn those apples into something fun and tasty with your fellow Girl Scouts! There are tons of applie-oriented festivals and plenty of orchards throughout the GSNYPENN service area.
  2. veni.vidi.vici. Get your swaps ready. This fabulous Girl Scout sleepover party is back for its 10th anniversary! There are all sorts of fun activities this year, including dancing, a cheer demonstration, a rock wall, swimming, and event a reptile and exotic animal demonstration and official cheering and stunting program! You can find out more here. (editors note: The deadline to register for this spectacular event is TODAY!)
  3. Get ready for Wreaths Across America. Join the nationwide effort to place wreaths on the grave sites of all of our fallen veterans. You can choose a location in your area and add it to the national list of places where wreaths are being placed. Now is a great time to start engaging volunteers in your community. Find out more here.
  4. Rake leaves for neighbors who can not rake their own leaves. Many elderly, ill, or housebound people are not able to rake their own leaves. They would certainly appreciate the help of Girl Scouts!
  5. Take a hike! There are so many lovely mountains and natural areas in our region. Wouldn’t it be fun to hike them with your sisters? Collect a list of areas to hike and have the girls choose their favorite. If you can complete a service project associated with the area you choose, even better!
  6. Pumpkin farm. ‘Tis the season for pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Pumpkin farms have lots of activities and lots of holiday treats to enjoy. If you’re a troop of older girls, take a troop of younger girls along for the fun!
  7. Learn about the migration of birds. Many birds begin to migrate south this time of year. Visit a nature center in your area to learn what birds and other animals do in the wintertime.
  8. Plan to volunteer as a troop during the Thanksgiving holiday at your local food pantry or soup kitchen. Because of the high volume of people who volunteer for the Thanksgiving holiday, now is the time to sign up for a shift at your local soup kitchen. Don’t forget, food pantries can use the help year-round! This is a great activity to do anytime.
  9. Dress as Juliette Gordon Low for Halloween! Did you know that October 31st is also Juliette Gordon’ Low’s birthday? Dressing as Juliette Gordon Low will also help to bring awareness to the scouting program.
  10. Fall product sale. Our QSP sale of snacks and magazines helps raise money for your troop and prizes for you! There are a bunch of adorable prizes for reaching your goals this year. Give it a try!

These activities are great fun. You can often find a way to fulfill patch requirements, and many of them have fun patches associated as well. And don’t forget about the other fun and worthwhile activities in the events section of the GSNYPENN website! You can find them by clicking here.

What is your troop up to this fall? Feel free to add your own fun activity ideas and what your troop is up to in the comments section!

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