Make the world a better place

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

leadershipOutcomesMake the world a better place. It is part of our Girl Scout Law. Girl Scouts at all different grade levels take part in community service and take actions projects to make their world a better place.

Did you know that October 25th is Make a Difference Day? It is always the fourth Saturday of October. What a great way to teach the girls in your troop about community service, taking action, and making the world a better place!

What is Make a Difference Day? Make a Difference Day is a worldwide community service effort. It is organised by USA Weekend magazine, together with Points of Light, a charity which mobilizes and enables people to make a difference. On Make a Difference Day’s website, visitors are invited to either ‘start a project’ or ‘volunteer’. The Day provides a platform and international coverage to encourage people to come together, while allowing them the flexibility to work at the local level on projects that need doing. Campaigns range from setting up an animal welfare shelter to planting a garden to brighten up a neighbourhood, and people can easily find groups near them and get involved using the site’s search engine.

On Make a Difference Day, find out what people are doing to celebrate in your area, or, if you can think of a job that needs doing, use the Day’s platform to get it started yourself and see what a difference you can make.

Or simply use Make a Difference Day to talk about, or begin, or work on a troop community service or take action project in your local community. Work on the “make the world a better place” petal in your Daisy troop, bring your Brownie or Junior Girl Scouts out in the community to clean up neighborhoods or help with food drives for local food pantries, ask older Girl Scouts about the issues in their communities that they can help with.

For more information on community service or take actions projects visit the council website at or the Girl Scouts website at


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