Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

icantwaitAs the weather begins turning colder and the holidays are approaching maybe you are looking for ideas for things to do with the girls in your troop that are holiday focused. If you are, you need to go visit the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways Pinterest page. We have a board full of craft ideas to do with girls, boards on take action projects, and tons of other fun information to help with troop program planning.

Today, here are three craft ideas, which can be found on our Pinterest page:

Oranges and bird feeders – Girls can make bird feeders from oranges, twine, and bird seed. A great, simple, and inexpensive craft to make with some of the youngest Girl Scouts – Daisies and Brownies.

Bird feed recipe – Girls in your troop can each bring in different ingredients for the bird feed recipe. Then use cookie cutters and ribbon to make bird feeders!

Homemade holiday cards – Lots of girls love making art projects. design your own holiday cards that girls can give to friends and family members. Or make troop holiday cards and deliver them to nursing homes, send them to soldiers, or bring them to volunteer fire stations. A great way to incorporate taking action into your fun craft projects!

For more information visit the council’s Pinterest page.



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