Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

leadershipOutcomesAre you a new Girl Scout troop leader and you need ideas on how to work with the Journey’s and the girls in your troop? Well, don’t worry! Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways has got you covered! We know it can be difficult as a new leader to come up with ideas for activities, to plan, and to try to figure how exactly you are supposed to work with this group of girls.

On our council website at you can find Journey taster activities. They are a great start to begin working on one of the Journey’s with your troop. Here are three available online now:

It’s your World – Change it. The Daisy flower garden taster activity is the Daisy circle, garden style. This activity helps girls to get those wiggles out and at the same time learn more about their new Daisy friends.

It’s your Planet – Love it. The Brownie Wonders of Water taster activity is favorite water activities. Have the girls share their favorite water activities and make a poster out of it. Maybe some like ice skating, swimming, or tubing. This is a great activity for connecting to others on common interests and provide you ideas for future field trips based on the girls’ interests

It’s your World – Change it. The Junior Agent of Change taster is “who led the way for you?” This activity gets girls talking about leadership and what it means to them.

Check out these and the other journey taster activities, as well as all the other volunteer resources available on the council website.




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