Making the world a better place

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

wrappingIn the spirit of New Year’s and making New Year’s resolutions, maybe your troop could choose one of the parts of the law to focus on this year as a collective resolution. Maybe the girls would like to resolve to be more honest and fair, or be better at respecting authority. If the girls in your troop want to resolve to make the world a better place in 2015, here are 10 service project ideas to get them started:

1. Food or clothing drive

2. Starting a community garden and donating the harvest to local food pantries

3. Bake treats for the senior center

4. Organize a play day at the local playground to raise awareness about the importance of outdoor play

5. Collect children’s DVD’s and donate them to the pediatric units in local hospitals

6. Make meals for the homeless

7. Do an environmental clean up day

8. Hold a community book exchange

9. Make cards for soldiers

10. Build birthday bags which include all the supplies needed to have a birthday party (cake mix, frosting, decorations, candles, and a toy) and donate them to the local food pantries

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