Girls Rehabilitate Town Hall To Earn Bronze Award!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

award1Girl Scout Juniors from Troop 40276 in Richford saw an opportunity to help out their community. The Richford Town Hall was in great need of cleaning and maintenance so they decided to help spruce up the building to earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award!

The girls scrubbed and cleaned the outside of the building (in the pouring rain); scrubbed the walls, kitchen cabinets, tables and the concrete floor; sanded and painted the three wood tables, the doors and a wall; added a chalkboard and cork boards; scrubbed over 60 meeting chairs; filled the cracks in the concrete floor and painted it twice; and one of the girls even worked with her grandmother and sewed all new curtains for the town hall.

Great job Hannah, Piper, Lacey, Alisha and Darrah and all of those that helped them achieve their goal!

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