We’re having a party!

40181By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

Everyone is getting ready for the start of the 2015 Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways cookie sale program. The sale begins in just a few short weeks and all over the NYPENN jurisdiction girls, families, troops, and service units are gearing up for the program, learning about goal setting, decision making, marketing, and anxiously awaiting getting their digital order card ready to reach out to customers!

And, they are having fun doing it!

Daisy Girl Scouts from troop 40181 had some amazing fun learning about the cookie sale program. The had a 40th birthday bash for the Samoa cookie, played cookie bingo, made a cookie swap to share with others, and earned their 2015 cookie sale pin, and both the talk it up and making choices leaves, awards which teach girls financial literacy skills.

Samoa bear even had a chance to learn and celebrate too!

For more information on the upcoming cookie sale program visit the council website at www.gsnypenn.org or Little Brownie Baker website at www.littlebrowniebakers.com


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