Cookie booth sales coming to your neighborhood…soon!

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

cookie1The cookie sale program begins soon and that means that soon girls will be out and about selling cookies all around the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways jurisdiction. One way for girls to sell during the sale is holding cookie booths.

Cookie booths are a great way for girls to increase their sales and work toward achieving their goals for the sale. They are also a great way for girls to sharpen their customer service, marketing, and sales skills. Booth sales are often very successful because customers love to buy cookies when they can eat them right away!

When planning for your booth sale think about what variety of cookies might be the most purchased, find adults to help out for the booth sale times, make sure that the girls practice their sales skills prior to your sale, so they can be the ones to ask customers for the sale, and get your booth ready to stand out with posters, signs, and cool table displays.

There are lots of resources for troops planning booth sales which can be found here.

Don’t forget that the first booth sale scheduler opens up on February 15th. Troop Leaders can sign on to choose booth sale dates and locations! There will also be two additional booth sale scheduler dates, which can be found in your troop cookie book. Also, remember to list your own booths on the booth locator, so that customers who are looking for cookies can find you easily. Finally make sure you’ve completed your troop activity application for your booth sale time, which can be found on the council website at

Most of all, think outside the box, plan a stupendous booth sale which will send your sales skyrocketing, and have fun!!

Council sponsored booth sales begin March 21st.


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