Get your badge on!

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

inventorMany times girls in a troop want to work on activities that may include something the troop leaders don’t have experience in doing. These times provide great opportunities to partner with other community organizations, and help the girls achieve their goals.

Once such community partner, which can be found in many communities is the YMCA. Many times local YMCA’s have programs set up to work with Girl Scout troops. The East Area YMCA in Fayetteville can assist your troop in completing a wide variety of badges. Badge backgrounds can vary from art to sports and babysitting to first aid. The possibilities are huge and cost-effective. Some badges are completely outside the comfort zone of the troop leadership, or perhaps a financial strain. Troops can work directly with the YMCA staff to provide their troop the perfect opportunity to get their badge on!

The Arts Studio at the East Area Family YMCA is one of the busiest Y-based art studios in the country, serving hundreds of students each week with a wide variety of quality arts education programs. Their professional instructors are ready to help your girls explore their creativity while learning proper artistic techniques. Here Girl Scouts can work towards their Artist badge at every level; painting, drawing, comic artist, collage, and photographer!

YMCA’s can also offer troops swimming pools and fitness classes to work on fitness and health badges too.

If you have a YMCA in your community, consider seeking their help when the girls in your troop want to work on different badges.

Also, check out all of the resources Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways offers to volunteers to help you with your troop, at

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