Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

cookie2The cookie sale program is underway and this year is the first time the girls in NYPENN Pathways have the opportunity to use the digital order card. This is a great way for girls to sell to friends and family out-of-town, and for girls to increase the sales and achieve their goals!

This provides girls with an amazing opportunity for their sale!

As with any new technology, there may be challenges to working with the system. But, we are Girl Scouts, and we will overcome those challenges.

We’re getting questions about the sale and the digital order card from volunteers and parents. Here are three:

A girl is missing from my troop in Ebudde. How do I add her?

If you have a girl who is registered in your troop since the beginning of this Girl Scout year that is missing, please contact Her name will be put on a list to be uploaded in the next possible upload transmission. If however, a girl has just recently registered it may take several weeks for her to appear in your ebudde list. Please include the girl’s name and 5 digit troop number in all correspondence.


A girl never received a Digital Order Card email. What happened?

Perhaps there was no email for the family, or it was incorrect, or the email was delivered to the spam folder. Please check the spam folder and then contact for assistance.


I’m having trouble creating my Girl Scout’s digital order card. Can you help me?

If you are having any difficulties with the digital order card, please email for assistance. Please include your Girl Scout’s name and 5-digit troop number in all correspondence.

For more information on the cookie sale program and for lots of resources for troops to use during the sale visit both the council website at and Little Brownie Baker’s website at


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