Share Your Guiding Light on World Thinking Day!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

WTD patchGirl Scouts of the USA wants you to share your guiding light on World Thinking Day!

World Thinking Day is Sunday and gives girls an opportunity to participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in other countries. The theme for World Thinking Day 2015 is girls worldwide say “we can create peace through partnerships.” The theme is based on the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal 8: to develop a global partnership for development.

World Thinking Day not only gives girls a chance to celebrate international friendships, it is also a reminder that Girl Scouts of the USA is part of a global community – one of nearly 150 countries – with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

guiding lightThe light of a candle has been used for years by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world to feel connected and now it’s your chance to connect, share, and shake the world and social media with your Girl Scout spirit! You are challenged to find a creative way to share your #guidinglight!

All you have to do is think of a way to show the world your #guidinglight. You can simply light a candle, or you can get creative and use the sun, your laptop, a lantern, the torch on your phone, a spark from two pieces of flint, or even a campfire! You can also get your family and friends to participate!

Take a selfie, upload it with a message to share with this worldwide movement, and challenge someone else or a whole country to do the same!

Share your picture using the #guidinglight hashtag. Tag: @girlscouts, @wagggs_world.

The social media push will start tomorrow (February 21) with a video message from the WAGGGS World Board Chair Nicola Grinstead. The action will circle the globe, starting on the morning of February 22 in either Kiribati or New Zealand, and ending at midnight in Alaska or Hawaii, where the #guidinglight challenge will be closed with a film featuring your guiding lights! Make sure you stay tuned to social media this weekend to see how widely the #guidinglight has spread throughout the world!

Make sure you share all your World Thinking Day pictures with us as well! E-mail them to and you could see them on our Facebook or Instagram pages next week!

Have fun and be creative sharing your #guidinglight!

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