Following A Volunteer For A Year – It’s Cookie Time!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

What goes into being a Girl Scout volunteer? What are the hardest parts? What are the joys?

It can be an intimidating time – becoming a volunteer for any organization. Sometimes you’re not quite sure what you’re doing or what you’re getting yourself into. That’s why we put together this monthly blog series. We are going to follow a relatively new volunteer throughout her Girl Scout volunteer experience. That way you can see first hand what it is like to volunteer with the Girl Scouts. So grab your friends, sit back, and experience first hand the experience of a Girl Scout volunteer.

We last checked in with Andrea Decker from Endicott in November when she was taking her girls on her first field trip. After a long winter’s rest her troop has finally come back together to participate in the cookie program.

When the troop came back together after the holiday break they finished working on the games badge that they had started before the break. The girls played Pancake Pile Up which helped them work as a team and cheer each other on. They also played Headbanz which encouraged the girls to use their creativity. At the end of that meeting everyone tasted the new Girl Scout cookie Rah-Rah Raisins (everyone liked them!)

Andrea’s troop was part of a much larger troop last year that became three troops this year. So to kick off the cookie program the leaders decided to have a cookie rally at the school they meet at and invite all the troops together. Kindergarten through third grade attended. The girls watched a video, “Calling All Cookie Rookies” that is available on the resources page on our website.

“The video provided a great overview of the cookie program and essentials for the girls to know,” Andrea said.

The group was then broken up into two smaller groups. The first group learned about all the different kinds of cookies and played a match/characteristic game about the cookies. Andrea’s troop was in charge of the second station.

“The girls taught the younger troops about cookie booth essentials like smiling, what to say when someone comes to the table and how to make change,” she said. “We then had a large circle in which the girls were able to sample every cookie and vote for their favorite by cheers.”

The rally ended with some cookie songs that really had the girls ready to sell!

During the rally the troop leaders provided the parents with important information like important dates, permission slips and troop permission forms.

In addition to cookies, the troop has some exciting events planned coming up as well. In March, the girls will be starting their service unit project where they have decided to help sheltered animals. The girls are also interested in attending the sing-along at the Oakdale Mall where they will pick out a song to perform.

In April, the troop will be joining another troop at Camp Hoover for a one-night camp out. They are planning on using their cookie earnings to fund the trip and will be working with the girls from the other troop to help plan meals, activities, and a packing list.

We will check back in with Andrea and her troop in March to see how the cookie program is going and follow the start of their first service unit project!

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