I can’t wait to be a Girl Scout!

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

Daisy petalsIt’s not too late, you know. There is always time to join Girl Scouts. Lots of people think that you can only join in the fall, at the start of the new school year. They think that they may have missed out on something and they would somehow be behind if they joined now.

That is simply not true.

There is always time to join Girl Scouting. Girls and adults can participate in Girl Scouts in a variety of different pathways. Want to be part of a troop? Great, we have troops that are looking for more girls and volunteers! And, there is no need to catch up on earning badges and awards that other girls may have earned. What each girl earns is individual.

Don’t have time for a troop? That’s OK. Maybe you’d like to participate by joining in on a series happening in your community, or just some great events that are taking place. You can find information about all sorts of program opportunities on the council website at http://www.gsnypenn.org

Think there’s no benefit to joining Girl Scouts at this time of year? Think again. 89% of parents say their Girl Scout is happier because of Girl Scouting. 95% of parents say she has made new friends because of her experience. And, 95% of volunteers say that they know they make girls lives better.

Want to find out more about joining? Visit the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways website today.


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