By Lisa Kaminski; Community Development Manager

nice2There are many opportunities for girls in Girl Scouts to discover things about themselves like learning what their strengths are; to connect with others, whether that be with other girls in their troop, with girls from their service unit, council wide at council programs or camp programs, or with people in their communities; and to take action to make their world a better place, by providing community service, implementing take action projects, and seeing how their work can make a difference to others.

Sometimes a financial need creates a barrier to girls having those opportunities.

Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways Opportunity Fund helps to eliminate those barriers so that all girls have access to the many opportunities in Girl Scouts. We are an inclusive organization that welcomes every girl to join in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. For many families that are struggling through these tough economic times, the availability of financial assistance is the only way their daughters can participate. The Opportunity Fund provides confidential, needs-based aid to individual girl and adult* Girl Scout members. Opportunity Funds help cover expenses associated with essential resources and valuable activities/events for girls in need, including:

o    Membership Assistance

o    Girls Guide/Journey book

o    Uniform pieces

o    Activities that provide substantial Girl Scout Leadership Experience program value, including council camp programs

* Adults can apply for membership assistance or for troop/group activities when their participation is required for safety purposes.

We can eliminate barriers and provide all girls the opportunities they need to find the courage, confidence, and character to succeed.

For information on the Opportunity Fund guidelines and the application visit here

For information on making a donation to the Opportunity Fund visit the council website at http://www.gsnypenn.org/give

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