Girls Are Leaders – Chicken Soup for the Soul

By: Carleen Lattin, Troop Leader and National Council Delegate in Elmira

nice1Sometimes in life, leaders and adults that work with the girls or behind the scenes, deal with their own family problems or personal problems. I know personally that I am going through that myself, one of them being sick non-stop. Despite being sick, what seems like non-stop, I rest and try to get myself better when I am not with them.

In reality, the girls are part of feeling better. Leader and adults need that extra boost of cheer and silliness. They need to have a little bit of fun for that time they are with the girls. I may just have a headache but its never anything too serious.

Other times, I have had a rough day at work or am stressed from home. Being at my meetings let’s me put aside what is bothering me for that short time. Sometimes it gives me a new perspective, or just time to not worry about it. It’s never anything serious of course. Just normal annoyances.

I have heard time and again that without the girls we work with our lives would not be complete. The parents and community do not realize that “just one hour a week!” is usually something that you develop a bond with. I often wonder about girls from previous troops. I see that most of them are doing well from what I’ve read. I do see one or two that have taken the wrong path, but I have done what I can as a leader during their time with me. It saddens me though.

In the end, these girls and adults are what I call my “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” I look at pictures from these troops I have now and other troops and I just smile and reminisce. I wouldn’t keep doing what I do if I wasn’t fully devoted to these wonderful girls. ALL of them! That’s why any girl that is part of my troop, past or present, will always be one of my girls. Gosh, I must have a huge family!

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