Join your service unit team

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

volunteer2Are you passionate about spreading the word about Girl Scouts? What about planning fun and amazing events for girls? Well, we’ve got just the jobs for you…

Maybe you’ve never considered becoming a volunteer on your service unit team. Maybe you never thought you could be a service unit recruiter or a series and events coordinator. Now is the time!

As a service unit recruiter you would work as a partner with your service unit manager and the staff to implement recruitment plans within the community. Throughout the year you would hold events to work toward recruiting new girls and adults so that more girls have an opportunity to experience Girl Scouting. To help increase community awareness of Girl Scouts and the opportunities available you may help with school open house events, or have informational or display tables at local community events.

As a series and events coordinator you can help your service unit, and sometimes neighboring areas, to plan and hold fun events for girls in your community. Hold a princess party, a geocashing event for girls in your local park, or a twilight Girl Scout sampler series.

Mostly, though, you would be having fun sharing your passion for Girl Scouts.

So, take a look at the volunteer job descriptions on the Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways website at, and see if this is something you’re interested in doing. For more information you can also contact your Community Development Manager.

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