Taking Action

40181 (2)By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

Take Action. It is one of the Three Keys to Leadership in Girl Scouts. Girls learning about a need in their community, and then finding a way to actively help to eliminate that need. Doing so helps them live the Girl Scout Law – making their world; whether that is their family, their neighborhood, their village or city, or their larger world, a better place.

Even the youngest of Girl Scouts can take action in their communities.

For the last two years the Daisy Girl Scout troop 40181, from Sodus NY, has been collecting pop tabs to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester. The tabs help to pay for families to stay at the house, when their child is receiving medical care nearby.

Recently the troop visited the Ronald McDonald House to bring their donated tabs. What they had collected weighed 69 pounds and if laid out end to end would measure over 1 ½ miles! Their 1st year of Daisy Girl Scouts they collected 14,000 tabs and this year they collected 86,000 tabs, bringing their total to 100,000 pop tabs! Pretty amazing!!

The girls were given a tour of the facility when they went to donate their tabs, so they were able to learn more about the organization they were taking action for, and what they did to better their community, and their world.

The tabs the girls collected will help a family stay for free at the house for 3-4 days.

Troop leader, Erin, says that the troop plans to continue this take action project for years to come.

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