You’re in Good Hands Attending Girl Scout Camp!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

outdoorsIf you’ve ever attended or worked at a local Girl Scout camp, you’ve probably met her. 2015 marks the 18th summer Karen Lubecki will direct camp for the Girl Scouts and she has held that position and more. She has also co-directed, been a camp counselor, and even attended camp as a Girl Scout.

Karen has also directed the Disaster Relief Team for many years. The team, made up of older Girl Scouts, travels to help people recover from natural disasters, such as hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. The team has traveled to places such as Alabama, Florida, and Jamaica, NY.

She loves being outdoors and ensuring girls learn those important skills they can’t get anywhere else.

“Camp is fun! It’s a learning experience for them. It encourages them to step outside their comfort level, to challenge themselves, to grow in all aspects of their lives while they build friendships, conflict resolution skills, and decision making skills,” Karen says. “At camp you get to do outdoor activities as a community. You take care of each other, encourage each other and have the support of everyone on the property when you accomplish something. It is celebrated by everyone.”

Girl Scout resident camp is being offered at the Comstock Program Center, north of Ithaca, and Camp Trefoil in Harrisville. Both of these camps have been accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), an association in which Karen has been a member for 16 years.

To be ACA accredited a camp must complete over 300 standards. These standards go above and beyond what the health department requirements are for a camp to operate.

“It is truly an honor because it shows you are committed to more then just the bare minimum,” Karen explains.

You don’t even have to be a current Girl Scout to attend Girl Scout camp. You can take part in any of the fun activities at camp simply by registering. Both of our camps offer amazing opportunities for girls.

At Comstock a lot of the programs are about the water. You can be introduced to programs such as boating and sailing.

Camp Trefoil has a high ropes course and offers trips out of camp such as backpacking in the Adirondacks and whitewater rafting down the Hudson River. Trefoil also has a community garden. This is the third year the community garden will be cultivated and harvested. The garden is a Farm to Table program from Cornell Cooperative Extension. Vegetables and herbs are planted and then, while the girls are at camp, they help move them to raised garden beds. When they are ready the vegetables and herbs are used in cooking meals at camp. All girls are encouraged to participate in the community garden.

“It’s a great way for girls to learn full circle about the process of food,” Karen says.

Maybe water activities or trips off site aren’t for you. That’s ok – each of the camps also offers various other fun like art and nature programs, or sessions focusing on environmental education. Whatever you want to do this summer, there is a program just right for you at Girl Scout camp.

Another highlight is the 12 international staff working there this summer. These staff members give girls the fun opportunity to learn about other cultures.

For more information about the upcoming summer camp programs, click here.

We can’t wait to see you at camp this summer!

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