Following A Volunteer For A Year – Camping Time!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

What goes into being a Girl Scout volunteer? What are the hardest parts? What are the joys?

It can be an intimidating time – becoming a volunteer for any organization. Sometimes you’re not quite sure what you’re doing or what you’re getting yourself into. That’s why we put together this monthly blog series. We are going to follow a relatively new volunteer throughout her Girl Scout volunteer experience. That way you can see first hand what it is like to volunteer with the Girl Scouts. So grab your friends, sit back, and experience first hand the experience of a Girl Scout volunteer.

We last checked in with Andrea Decker from Endicott last month when her girls held their very first cookie booth and we’re preparing for their first camping trip.

andrea1Andrea’s troop joined another Brownie troop in April to go camping at Camp Hoover. She says it worked out well to be able to split the costs and responsibilities and it was easy to keep everything organized for the trip. The troops arrived at Camp Hoover around 5 p.m.

“It was so beautiful!” Andrea said. “The lake was so peaceful and the lodge was extremely clean.”

They ordered pizzas and while they waited for them to come the girls helped out by getting out the tables and chairs, making lemonade, and getting their beds made up. The girls then did the dishes and cleaned the tables following dinner.

During their camping trip they decided they were going to work on their hiker and letter boxer badges. After dinner the girls got right to work on them by taking part in a scavenger hunt. The girls had to find many things like a spider web, a stick in the shape of a y, and a rock with a hole in it. The girls had a lot of fun finding the items with their buddies.

After the scavenger hunt the girls split up. Some hiked while others went back to theandrea2 lodge to help prepare for the campfire and s’mores and banana boats. The girls gathered wood for the fire and helped start the fire. They sang songs around the fire and ate endless amounts of s’mores!

“We had a few girls that have never tasted that sweet gooiness of a s’more and it was priceless to watch their face as they sampled for the first, second, and even the third times,” Andrea said.

To wind down the girls there was popcorn and they watched a movie. Some watched the movie while others hung out with their friends in one of the bedrooms.

The evening was rough as some of the girls kept getting out of their bed, which kept some of the other girls awake.

“We talked about this in our recap meeting and how it was not very respectful of others when they decided to stay up and be loud,” she explained.

Saturday morning started early as there was a full day of badge work to do and they needed to leave by 2 in order for another troop to come to the camp.

The girls went on a morning hike down beaver trail, skipped rocks on the lake and searched for letterboxes.

“It was nice that both of these badges could be worked together,” Andrea said.

After a healthy lunch everyone pitched in to help clean up. They were broken up into cleaning squads and each group was assigned a room to clean.

“Overall we were exhausted when we returned on Saturday, but it was well worth it! Both troops had a great time and everyone said they wanted to go camping again,” she said.

Andrea’s troop has one more meeting before they will be holding a bridging ceremony and moving up to Girl Scout Juniors. When we check in with her next month we will have information about their bridging ceremony and the troop’s summer plans.

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