Girl Scout Follows in Family Charity’s Footsteps

By: Jesse Cook, Media Intern


Naleen L., age 10 from DeWitt, New York,  comes from a family of philanthropists and is carrying on the family tradition. She is a Girl Scout Junior who has been using her position to help others in need. Naleen is the niece of Paul Tesori, a former PGA Tour player, and his wife Michelle – founders of the Tesori Family Foundation. The foundation, based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, gives back to those in need across the United States, but is partial to charities that help children.

In 2014, after Naleen’s cousin was born with Downs Syndrome and almost died in the hospital, the foundation decided to create Operation Feed Wolfson. This operation provides a meal or snack to the NICU doctors and nurses at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida once per week, rotating days to be sure that different staff members are able to take advantage of the service each week. Naleen decided to help out by collecting Girl Scout Cookies for the charity. She sold 65 boxes last year to help feed the medical staff that saved her cousin’s life and she didn’t stop there.

This year the Tesori Family Foundation decided to create Buddy Baskets for parents of children diagnosed with Downs Syndrome who are born in the Jacksonville area. The baskets provide many different products for both the babies and their parents. Naleen decided that cookies might bring smiles to the faces of parents who had just received difficult news. She collected cookies for the organization again, selling more than 60 boxes through online and traditional sales. Her mother says, “She truly cares about people from all over the place and the smile she gets on her face when she hears the stories of people receiving her cookies is priceless!” Naleen has plans to sell cookies for her family’s foundation again in 2016. She is an extraordinary girl who truly lives up to the Girl Scout Promise.

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