Cadette Girl Scouts Win Library Video Contest

By: Jesse Cook, Media Intern


Two Girl Scout Cadettes are encouraging others to read and making money in the process. Athena S. and Emma W. of troop 10806 created the winning video for the 2015 Teen Video Challenge by the Summer Reading at New York State Libraries program. The contest was open to all New York State teens between the ages of 13-18. Videos had to be between 30-90 minutes long and reflect the 2015 CSLP teen slogan “Unmask” for the Summer Reading Hero theme. Athena and Emma chose the slogan “Unmask Your Imagination” and featured a sorceress reading “Dark Arts Defense for Heroes” who comes face to face with a villain reading “5 Spells to Totally Trash Heroes.” The sorceress sees that the villain looks like she could be her twin. She goes back to her book, glad that reading material at the library will help teens “be ready for whatever their moods might unmask through imagination.” Athena and Emma received a prize of $150 plus a $50 donation for their library. To see the result of their hard work, visit the Summer Reading at New York State Libraries page at: Athena and Emma will also be honored at a Summer Reading Program kick-off at the Dewitt Community Library on June 29 from 2-4 p.m. Join the fun!

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