Three Cheers for Daisy Troop Donation!

HorseheadsTroopAnimal01By: Jesse Cook, Media Intern

Girl Scout Daisy Troop 40847 of Big Flats, NY positively impacted the Horseheads Animal Shelter while working on the Three Cheers for Animals Journey. The 13 girls, who range from 5 to 7 years old, spent their year learning about animals, so when the Girl Scout Cookie Sale started they told their leader they wanted to donate 10% of their profits to help animals in need. They worked hard and on May 20th, were able to visit the shelter and present them with a check for $160. In return, the shelter gave them a tour to show them how the money would be used to help the animals. The girls spent time with the cats and then were able to play outside with several dogs, taking them for walks. Their leader, Angela Black, says “They all have a passion for animals and several of them are interested in becoming veterinarians and shelter volunteers when they grow up!” Making fellow creatures’ lives easier is a great start, and by helping the animals in the shelter, the girls showed compassion and made the world a better place. Hooray, girls!HorseheadsTroopAnimal02

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