Girl Scout Juniors Fight Against Stereotypes

By: Jesse Cook, Media Intern

Quilt01Girl Scout Junior Troop 30582 from Endicott, NY recently gave a presentation at George F. Johnson Elementary school teaching fellow students to break stereotypes.

These 10 fourth grade girls spent the year learning about the roles that females play in life and the existence of stereotypes. The final project for completing the Girl Scout Amuse Journey was to spread their knowledge to others. To do this, they made an anti-stereotype quilt to present to their school. Each girl created squares for the quilt by drawing pictures and writing messages about believing in oneself and defying stereotypes. They then took a sewing class at JoAnn Fabrics to piece the quilt together themselves.

Quilt02The girls decided the quilt would mean more if they did a presentation as well. On May 18, at the school’s anti-bullying meeting, they read aloud about women who broke the typical mold and performed skits they wrote themselves about rising above stereotypes. They donated their quilt to the school to be hung in the lobby. Not only did the girls learn an important life lesson through their Girl Scout Journey, but they were able to share their message with others and give fellow students a permanent reminder to be kind to each other. Girl Scouts really do make the world a better place.

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