Traveling Trunk

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

daisy-petalsJune is the time of year when many service units are planning end of year award and bridging ceremonies. If your service unit is planning an event like this, or any event in the future where 30 or more girls will be attending, you may want to consider having a traveling trunk at the event.

What is a traveling trunk you ask??

A traveling trunk is a traveling store that is set up and run by volunteers in the service unit. It offers girls, volunteers, and families the convenience of shopping for Girl Scout merchandise at a local event they are attending.

Volunteers request the traveling trunk from the council boutique staff at least 14 days in advance. The request form can be found here. The council staff then packs the trunk with enough items for 50 girls and includes price slips and sales slips. The service unit volunteers pick up the trunk, complete sales slips for merchandise purchased, and return the trunk to a service center within the agreed upon number of days following the event.

Girls can use their cookie dough at the traveling trunk too!!

So, while you’re planning that service unit event, don’t forget to complete the travelling trunk request form. Check out the guidelines that go with it for more details at

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