Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

CampLooking for things for your girls to do over the summer where they can have fun, learn new things, and make new friends? Look no further…here are three:

Outdoor Detective summer camp program at Comstock – July 8-10, for girls in grades 2-3. Do you enjoy exploring the natural environment? During this program you’ll investigate which animals stroll through camp and create a model habitat for an animal you enjoyed learning about at the Cayuga Nature Center. Enjoy swimming, boating, and playing games with friends when you’re not busy investigating.

Creative Crafts summer camp program at Trefoil – August 5-7, for girls in grades 2-3. Camp is a great place for you to put your creative energy to work! Enjoy the arts? Want to paint, draw or create your own masterpiece? This is the camp program for you!!

Grandparents Overnight at Hoover – August 16-17 or August 17-18, for all ages and adults. It’s hard to find quality time to relax and have fun with your grandparents. Come and spend some time at camp enjoying boating, fishing, crafts and more! Meals are provided.

For more details on these and the other summer camp programs being offered by Girl Scouts of NYPENN pathways visit the council website at

You can find the online camp brochure here.

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