Girl Scout Juniors Brighten the Lives of Foster Children


By: Jesse Cook, Media Intern

Two Girl Scout Juniors from Endicott, NY recently received the Bronze Award. Sheridan and Abigail learned about the foster care system in their community – why children would be removed from their homes and how they ended up in foster care – and decided to do something to help. Because foster children often don’t have belongings of their own, Sheridan and Abigail wanted to give them something personal; something beyond basic necessities. The girls explained to their church congregation what life is like for foster children and asked them to donate blankets, stuffed animals, books, and dental care items as part of their almsgiving during Lent. After several weeks, the girls were able to assemble several dozen bags from the donations and give them to the Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference. They also delivered a box of books and toothbrushes for the residential facility. Thank you, Sheridan and Abigail, for making other children’s difficult lives a little easier.bronze

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