Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

volunteer1Are you returning as a troop leader or co-leader this coming September? Summer is a very busy time for girls and adults. And once school begins again, it seems everyone is even more busy! Taking some time now to prepare for your troop meetings to begin again will free up your schedule and put your mind at ease.

Here are three ways troop leaders can prepare now for this coming fall:

Register Now! – Registering both yourself and any girls that are returning in your troop now on eBiz makes re-registration in the fall much easier. This steps will be complete and then only new girls and adults that join your troop in the new year will need to be registered.

Participate in our regional kickoff meetings – The regional kickoff meetings are planned and detailed information is available on the council website. There is going to be tons of information and great group sharing among volunteers from all over the region and the council. Come and get some tips from your peers!

Put together an idea of things you are going to need help with from parents and things you’d like the girls to thin about for activities. Girl Planning is important in Girl Scout but if you have an idea of where you need help, you can share this with parents at your first meeting if the year. You can then also share ideas of potential activities and let the girls decide what they’d like to focus on.

For more information on becoming a volunteer or for resources troop leaders can use when working with girls, visit the council website at



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