Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

amazing logoThinking about Girl Scouts as an option for a girl in your life? Maybe you’re unsure about what Girl Scouts offers to girls? How does a girl benefit from her involvement in Girl Scouts? Well, of course there’s all the FUN she’s having! But there’s more to it. There are 15 outcomes that participating in Girl Scouts provides. Here are three ways girls benefit from participating in Girl Scouts:

Girls gain practical life skills — From learning money management and goal setting during the Girl Scout cookie sale program, to learning how to be a team player during a game at a troop meeting, to learning fire safety on a field trip to a local fire station, girls learn practical life skills in Girl Scouts that they can use in their daily lives.

Girls feel connected to their communities — every time a girl take part in a troop meeting, a service unit event, a council program, or a take action project, she can see how she is a part of and connected her community.

Girls develop healthy relationships – Girl Scouts provides girls with the chance to form new friendships and to establish relationships with positive adult role models.

There are lots of reasons for girls to be a part of Girl Scouts. Most importantly, as we work to develop girls who have courage, confidence, and character, girls are having FUN and making new friends.

For more information about Girl Scouts visit the council website at

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