Recruitment of Olympic proportions

By Lisa Kaminski, Manager, Community Development

nypennThe start of the new school year is inching closer and closer, and with that many service units are looking to begin doing some recruitment to find girls, adults, and families interested in Girl Scouts. Sharing Girl Scouts at community events, libraries, back to school picnics, and playgrounds all around Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways jurisdiction.

If you need an idea for an amazing and fun program activity for recruitment this fall try hosting a Marshmallow Olympics! Play marshmallow throw for target practice and marshmallow catch, have a twenty inch dash race with marshmallows, see who can fill a marshmallow bucket the quickest, or who can be the most creative building a creature out of sticky marshmallows. Of course, you’ll want to have s’mores for a snack after all that fun!

A great way to show girls different, fun things they can do in Girl Scouts, to get them connecting to one another, and to talk to families about the benefits of joining Girl Scouts!

Thanks to Girl Scouts of Missouri Heartland for sharing their fantastic event plans!

For more information about recruitment or about joining Girl Scouts visit the council website at


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