Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

cookie1Anyone who knows me knows I was not born with a sweet tooth. Give me a potato chip, in any flavor, and I am the happiest person ever. But every once in a while I do get a yearning for a Girl Scout cookie. Who doesn’t? They’re delicious!

Luckily, I keep some in my freezer for times that they are not available from girls selling them. Add some creative ideas on ways to use them in recipes, from Pinterest, and you’ve got yourself some seriously sweet snacking options!

Here are three I’m trying soon:

No bake Samoa cheesecakes — shortbread cookies, chocolate, coconut, and cheesecake all mixed together. Yum!

No bake Tagalong peanut butter cheesecakes — same as above only with those amazing Tagalongs everyone loves so much!

Thin Mint ice cream popsicle – popsicle made with real cream and Thin Mint cookies. Perfect for an end of summer treat.

These recipes can be found here. Follow Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways on Pinterest too!

For more information about our council, visit the council website at


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