Girls Help Out Stray Haven!

By: Kim Dunne, Media Manager

stray haven1Marissa and Kristina from Cadette Troop 41211 from Newark Valley love animals and that’s why when it came time for them to choose what they wanted to do to earn their Girl Scout Silver Award they visited their local pet shelter, Stray Haven.

When the girls visited they realized there wasn’t a good sign at the road that told people where the shelter was. They also noticed there was no sign on their building so people may not know where to go to visit the shelter – so that’s what they aimed to do.

They created and painted two wooden signs. They then handmade stamps to paint paw stray haven 2prints around the sign. Not only that but they spend an entire day out in the hot summer sun painting white paw prints down the driveway leading to Stray Haven. Marissa and Kristina then took old t-shirts that were donated and created 40 dog chew toys.

To help fund their Silver Award project the girls held a can drive which also gave them $65 to purchase dog and cat food and supplies to donate to the shelter.

The girls presented the signs to Stray Haven last weekend.

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Stray haven 3

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