Fall In Love With Girl Scouts!

By: Carleen Lattin, Troop Leader and National Council Delegate in Elmira

nice3Many troops take time off during the summer and resume in the fall. This is in part due to busy schedules, both for leaders, parents and girls. Other times, leaders need a break to spend time with their families while girls are out of school.

My troop planned a trip to Roseland Water Park in Canandaigua at the end of July and had a great time. That was our “big” troop event. We will resume troop meetings after school starts.

In the meantime, I worked at the Girl Scout tent at Strong Kids Safe Kids this past weekend. It was very busy, having two games for both boys and girls to earn small prizes. Of course, recruiting for the next year is always big. One of the most rewarding things though is having one of your girls run up to you with a big hug and say “I’ve missed you!” Heart-warming for sure.

These kind of moments are what keep you going. I had another five or so younger girls and three of the older girls that helped with the games were in Girl Scouts. This is when you see, it’s not just another activity. It’s a relationship and bond developing – with other girls, leaders and adults, community, etc.

I strongly encourage everyone who has a daughter or girl in school from as young as kindergarten to 12th grade to sign up for Girl Scouts.

Keep on falling in love with Girl Scouts!

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