Three things for Thursday

By Lisa Kaminski; Manager, Community Development

icantwaitThe start of the Fall Product Sale Program is quickly approaching. Considering hosting a rally in your troop or service unit? A rally is a great way to inspire the girls to participate in the sale while being fun and providing girls with leadership and life skills.

Here are three things to consider when planning your rally:

Get the word out! — make sure to communicate with parents and families as well as all troop leaders and volunteers if the rally is for the entire service unit. Have girls make invitations to distribute.

Success stations — determine what activities the girls will participate in at the rally. There are a number of activities that will help reinforce teamwork, sales skills, and goal setting. You can find specific activities in the Ashdon Farms and QSP Rally Guide, which can be found here.

Snacks – have some samples available for guests to try and decorate your rally to make it fun! If girls and families are able to try the products for themselves they will be better able to sell them to their customers.

For more information on the Fall Product Sale program visit the council website at


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