Reflections From Camping Trip at Misty Hollow

By: Carleen Lattin, Troop Leader and National Council Delegate in Elmira

mistyFall camping has now become a favorite time of the year for me. We went to Misty Hollow in Corning, for the last time (besides the upcoming camp closing ceremony), stayed in the A-Frames, a beautiful unit. The only other “campers” were a troop at the Crooked Oak lodge. Down the road a little bit from the A-Frames is one of the smaller ponds. None of the salamanders are there that the girls love. It’s a much calmer lake than the other one.

Memories come rushing back. Service unit encampment, taking part in the horse programs, getting caught in two thunderstorms for a two-night trip. I remember the owl, bear, racoon and fawn all in one camping trip. With various troops, I have stayed in all the units (A-Frames, platform tents, Hoxie Cabin and hide-aways).

Misty Hollow has unique characteristics in nature. I found mushrooms by a log near a fire circle, “twin” acorns and numerous fungus on trees. Some trees have holes in them from birds pecking at them, I suspect.

And who can forget the Beary Trail? Always a favorite with the younger girls. Seeing girls help each other through the obstacles, following the bear signs to point where to go next.

But every year, even with the older girls, “Let’s go see the salamanders!” never fails. Our faithful trip to the larger pond is a must-do for the girls.

This weekend, we spent a lazy, relaxing day. None of us, even the leaders, changed out of our pajamas! The beauty of that though is that it was fun not having to be somewhere at a set time. Hours talking, taking selfies, and enjoying nature in all it’s beauty was the goal this weekend. Being that this trip was a Cadette troop, they are busy enough during the week. It was their time to “veg.”

Although I will be sad with the closing of Misty Hollow, the memories and fun times I had will not be lost. Many fond memories the girls will remember will keep the legacy of Misty Hollow alive.

One thought on “Reflections From Camping Trip at Misty Hollow

  1. I took my Brownie troop there also this year for the weekend mainly because it was closing. We hiked the trees, walked to the pond. They loved walking through the woods. We were sitting around our camp fire when a big bear appeared, stopped looked at us and then continued on her way. That made the night a lot better for the girls because they got to see a bear close up. Saturday we went to CMOG, some of the girls never been there, so they liked that also. These are memories of young girls who will remember seeing the bear, camp fire, tye dyeing shirts, CMOG, and roasting marshmallows and making smores.

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